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What is spiritual healing?
Spiritual healing is the passing of healing energy through the healer to the recipient. We believe that this power does not originate from the healer. He is simply an instrument, or conduit, through which the healing energy is passed to the recipient. This power is known by different names - 'universal life force', 'natural energy', 'life energy' - though we believe that it is God-given. It matters not what you wish to believe this power to be. Its object is to help ease all health problems, whether mental, physical or spiritual by bringing about harmony between these elements of the individual. It can help to prevent potential problems as well as treating existing ones and works both by helping the body to heal itself and by the application of the healing itself.
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What is absent healing?
Absent, or distance, healing is the sending of this same power through the healer via thought rather than through the hands of the healer. Absent healing can be a powerful, effective source of healing over any distance. Before requesting absent healing for anyone, please seek their permission.
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Do healers promise a cure?
No. A healer will not promise a cure. We simply promise to do our utmost to help. We encourage any individual seeking help to discuss their problem with their traditional medical practitioner and are happy to work in tandem with existing medical treatment, aiming to enhance its effectiveness, reduce pain and speed recovery. It is rare that those receiving spiritual healing do not feel a benefit whether in mental attitude, pain relief, relief of actual symptoms, a feeling of coping better, upliftment of mood, a feeling of inner strength and peace. The benefits are many and varied, range from subtle to extraordinary and, indeed, are often surprising to both healer and recipient.
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Is there any point in healing for the terminally ill?
Certainly. Where illness is terminal, as, inevitably, it must sometimes be, spiritual healing can be of great benefit to provide pain relief, create peace of mind and a state of acceptance and understanding of what is to come. It also aids the actual act of passing.
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Is it important that I believe in God or have a strong belief in healing?
No, on both counts. All that is required is that you have an open mind to what is being offered to you and a wish to feel better. Some people have closed minds with respect to spiritual healing due to their religious or other beliefs but sometimes even non-believers alter their views due to the improvement to their conditions. Young children can be greatly helped by healing, as can animals, so good results are clearly not dependent upon faith.
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How will I feel, what will happen and how long will my healing take?
Almost everyone feels relaxed and peaceful during and after their healing. Some people feel a release of tension and emotion and may shed a few tears. Some feel uplifted and experience a great clarity of thought. Many people feel heat, cool or power from the healer’s hands, often particularly in the areas of the body where their complaints lie. The amount of time needed for healing varies according to what is needed but is typically around 15 – 20 minutes. Additionally, please build in a few minutes to sit quietly before and after your healing as this increases the benefits of your session.
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Do I receive the same guarantee of confidentiality from my healer as from my doctor?
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Can healing do me any harm?
No. The healer’s touch will be light – no deep massage or manipulation is used and neither do we prescribe medication. Very occasionally someone may feel a very temporary changing or worsening of symptoms as healing energy works on the body.
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Do I need to do anything myself?
Your healer may recommend some simple courses of action to help you. These could include increasing your water intake, taking regular, gentle exercise if you are well enough, finding time to completely relax your body via deep breathing and peacefulness, ways to achieve a more positive attitude – all common sense approaches to improve your well being. It is entirely up to you whether or not you act upon such advice.
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What kind of complaints can be helped by spiritual healing?
We are aware of no type of disease that cannot be aided in some way by healing. Our visitors seek help for diverse conditions varying from cancer and chemotherapy recovery, overcoming drug addiction, skeletal, muscular and nerve problems, gut complaints, Parkinson’s disease, gynaecological complaints, headaches, etc., through to stress related complaints, bereavement, panic attacks – all the problems that can arise with the body and mind and, of course, spiritual concerns, too.
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How many treatments will I need?
This is a difficult question to answer as everyone responds to healing differently. Some experience profound improvements within a very few sessions. Others require long-term help, perhaps noticing subtle improvements over many months. Yet others with, say, chronic back pain find that they benefit from receiving healing weekly or bi-weekly on an ongoing basis.
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